About Us

Our mission is to De-junk fast food™. That means fresh, delicious, and nutritious. We're revolutionizing the culture of fast food, while always approaching what we do and how we do it with your health, our environment, community, society, and your creativity in mind.

Our signature product is the (W)holeburger™ a donut shaped patty balanced (made whole) by one of our vegetable centric scoop centers, each with unique taste and nutritional attributes. Or trade the bun for a skewer of "burger holes" and combine it with a scoop for a perfect, low-carb snack you can share with friends.

Our ingredients include vegan, gluten-free and vegan-gluten-free combos. We make everything from scratch, including the bun that holds it all together.

Our menu offers almost unlimited combinations. Beginning with your choice of a burger, salad or rice bowl, and then from the scoop to our fresh condiments, you can create millions of combinations to satisfy your tastes, preferences and needs.

Our restaurant is built from abundant and regenerative materials. Our packaging is all recyclable and we compost all of our food waste onsite.

Our food is local. We depend on local businesses to help us feed you well. Whether it's the turkey we source form Pennsylvania farmers or the Captain Lawrence Beer that is crafted just up the Hudson River, we support local farmers, brewers, and artisans.

Our burgers amplify your goodness. Every time someone chooses your socially good burger, 4food donates 25¢ to the good cause associated with your purpose.

Partners in 4food include the founders Adam Kidron and Michael Shuman; Bill Niman the founder of Niman Ranch, the largest purveyor of natural meats in the US with revenues of over $100 million; Dr. Woodson Merrill, founder of the Beth Israel Center for Integrated Medicine and a leading authority on wellness and nutrition; and Ed Winter, Chairman of Omnicom's "Brand Activation" Agency, Tracy Locke, and one of the foremost experts on marketing to young people in the US.

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